Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Objective Reporter for Dec. 30, 2008

Posted by Teresa at 10:34 AM

I'm going to start a new series called "Objective Reporter." In this continuing series
I will take the time to highlight some our great, objective, unbiased reporters we have
in our news media. If I would have started this series yesterday I would have either
chosen Chris Matthews' neutral and fair documentary about the Bush presidency or
Vanity Fair's equally fair "Oral History" of the Bush years. However, I just came up
with this fabulous idea today so the lucky journalist who gets featured today is: Rick
Sanchez. For those who read my blog you are probably already familiar with Mr.
Sanchez's balanced and non-editorializing
reporting. Well today he takes objectivity
to a whole new level. Here is Rick Sanchez's neutral and grammatically incorrect
tweet from earlier:

israel is beacon of democracy, even more than US. why can't they figure this
out? r they really trying? other reasons ? stuborn? Politics?

You see Mr. Sanchez is staying neutral by not picking sides but only insinuating by
his questions that Israel is "stuborn." Way 2 go Rick Sanchez! Isn't Twitter the best
place to figure out all the violence going on in the Middle East? I know tweeting 'I want
peace in the mid-east 4 every1" and "It's a continuouz cycle of violence" makes me
feel a whole lot better about myself.

I know some of you are saying well it's his own personal Twitter account. However,
that doesn't change the fact that CNN promotes his Twitter account on television
and their Web site.

Exit questions: Do you think Rick Sanchez will ask Israel's New York Consulate a
question during tomorrow's Twitter conference
? What do you think the question
will be?
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