Monday, December 8, 2008

Palin to Oprah: It's Nothing Personal

Posted by Teresa at 6:11 PM
If Gov. Palin wants to salvage her public image after the beating she
received during the campaign, I think she should do a couple of fluff
interviews. Oprah is completely a fluff interview. From CNN:

The governor was invited to appear, she was also invited to
appear on Letterman, Leno, Stephanopoulos, The Daily Show,
she passed on a vast majority of these requests. We’re up to
about 250 requests for interviews and appearances and so on.
It’s worldwide, there’s still a tremendous amount of interest.
It’s nothing personal about Oprah, it’s just that she turned
down the vast majority of these requests ," Bill McAllister
told CNN. McCallister is Governor Palin's Communications
Dircector and Press Secretary.

When asked if he thinks Palin would appear on Oprah at a later
date , McAllister said “I’m not aware that it’s been ruled out.”

I would be interested to see what kind of interview Jon Stewart will do if
Gov. Palin would appear on his show. After mocking her for months, I'm sure
he would do a respectful and light-hearted interview (I think).
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