Sunday, December 7, 2008

Streisand at the White House

Posted by Teresa at 7:52 PM

Why does the White House feel the need to invite Hollywood actors and actresses
to the White House and award them? It's not like the Hollywood crowd doesn't
award themselves enough. Barbra Streisand and Morgan Freeman already
have Academy Awards, do really need another award from the White House?
First, I think the White House has better things to do. (Sixty-seven years ago
Pearl Harbor was bombed
. Perhaps, something honoring WWII vets would be
better?) Secondly, how about honoring little known artists whose work actually
helps their community or something? Maybe someone who would have
appreciated the award:

Does Streisand wish President-elect Barack Obama was hosting

"That would have been lovely," she said with a laugh, "or Clinton."

Another quote the AP article:

WASHINGTON – Barbra Streisand is visiting the White House on
Sunday but says she'll play nice. "Art," she says, "transcends politics
this weekend."

So Barbra Streisand, who is always blabbing about politics in interviews and
on her Web site (look at her blog roll), decides to shut up when she is face to
face with the actual politicians she despises.Interesting. Maybe President
Bush should have invited Natalie Mains from the Dixie Chicks to White House
and perhaps she would have shut up and actually sang something.
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