Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Classless

Posted by Teresa at 4:10 PM
Now that Barack Obama is president, I hope conservatives aren't as
classless as this:

The video is absolutely sickening on so many levels. First, Silverman compares
Bush to Hitler, which is low. Then she has a child call him "a cancer." It's never
too soon to indoctrinate a child! But the most sickening part of the video is when
they transform Bush in the devil. Here is a screen shot:

That is absolutely disgusting. Demonizing a political opponent is dangerous.
Because you are saying they are not human, thus, people can do whatever
they want to them.

If anyone on the Right does this sort of this to President Barack Obama I will
rage against them too. This has to stop! It's funny that a few weeks ago when
Ann Coulter was doing interviews on NBC and other channels, they all asked
her questions about her tone (and rightly so). I've seen Sarah Silverman and
Jon Stewart give interviews on television also, why hasn't a single interviewer
questioned their tone? Jon Stewart has also put devil eyes on George Bush. I
guess demonizing Republicans isn't the wrong tone.

I searched YouTube for interviews done with Sarah Silverman and no one has
asked if her tone is too harsh. Here is a long interview she did with Katie Couric:

No question from Katie Couric like, "Sarah do you think your comedy can be too abrasive
at times?"

I also found a bunch of interviews done with Jon Stewart on YouTube. No one has
asked him, "Hey, do you think telling Mitt Romeny 'f- you' set a harsh tone to your
show?" Do you think if loud mouth Rush Limbaugh had said "f- you" to Hillary
Clinton or Barack Obama, he wouldn't get asked by mainstream media reporters,
"Didn't you cross the line when you said "f-you" to so and so?" That would be the
absolute first question they would ask Rush Limbaugh! I'm not defending Mr. Limbaugh
here, I think he has crossed the line several times.

My point is that liberals can cross the line and they get a pass. Hey, it's called freedom
of speech. But when a conservative crosses the line they are lambasted by the media
for being nasty. I don't condone any side being nasty but I wish liberals would speak
out against those who demonize their opposition on their side of the aisle.
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