Monday, January 19, 2009

Humans are not to Blame

Posted by Teresa at 2:42 PM
A new Rasmussen poll reveals that more people believe that global
warming is due to planetary trends instead of human activity. Findings:

Al Gore’s side may be coming to power in Washington, but
they appear to be losing the battle on the idea that humans
are to blame for global warming.

Forty-four percent (44%) of U.S. voters now say long-term
planetary trends are the cause of global warming, compared
to 41% who blame it on human activity.

Seven percent (7%) attribute global warming to some other
reason, and nine percent (9%) are unsure in a new Rasmussen
Reports national telephone survey.

I'm going to have agree with the 44 percent. I think global warming is just a natural
trend. Sometimes it's hotter, sometimes it's colder. Climate changes, naturally.
I don't think humans can have a realistic influence on what the temperature it is
outside. The Ice Age happened and if I read my history correctly there were no
people driving cars and coal plants. Unless woolly mammoths were ridding around
in Hummers and archeologists just haven't found the evidence yet.
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