Thursday, March 19, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Posted by Teresa at 5:51 PM
I've been trying to make the point that the media treats conservative
and liberal pundits completely different.

Here is Keith Olbermann last night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

It was a completely softball interview, as to be expected from a comedy program.
No problems there.

Here is an interview Jay Leno did with Bill O'Reilly, who is on during the same time
slot during Olbermann.

It is mostly a softball interview, except for the last question. Jay Leno brought
up something controversial Bill O'Reilly said at the very end. Why didn't Mr. Leno
bring up something controversial said by Olbermann in his interview last night? I
mean surely it wouldn't be hard to grab something outrageous Olbermann has said.

I think some in the media (without realizing it) by their questioning reinforce
liberal memes. Bill O'Reilly one can subtly deduce from that interview is a
controversial conservative while Keith Olbermann, who is equally as controversial,
gets no such treatment. I assume one would argue that maybe O'Reilly's interview
was closer to his comments that caused the media ruckus. But that's the double
right there! Liberal pundits (like Olbermann) rarely (there are exceptions) cause
the news media to go nuts.

I will use another example. This one not by done a comedian but an actual Washington
reporter who I respect. Jake Tapper basically asked Congressmen Eric Cantor (I'm
paraphrasing), "Do feel uncomfortable in a party that consists of people who think
you are going to hell?" In his question is the inherent belief that Republicans are
are religious fanatics and possibly anti-Semites., which simply isn't the truth. What
was also revealing in the interview was the way Congresman Cantor responded. He
gave a very nice answer and wasn't taken back by the question, as if he might been
asked the question several times.
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