Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jon Thou Name is Hypocrite.

Posted by Teresa at 11:38 AM
This is a basically a continuation of my last post. My major issue with The Daily
Show is that some of its viewers think Jon Stewart is speaking the truth. Here are
some samples of some comments over at, The Daily Show's
Jon Stewart is doing a serious journalist's job on a 'variety' show while
'news' shows peddle half-truths, lies and mis-information from vested

by Jai March 14th at 12:05PM

Like many other comments I too am glad for Jon Stewart. His
predecessor was mildly entertaining with smarmy, glib humor, but ever
since Jon came to the show, it has, for me, been a beacon of truth,
cloaked in satire (which is what good satire is and always has been). Even
though he calls it "fake news", it is the most on-point and real news
available on a consistent basis.

by William D Valmore March 14th at 12:06PM
Really Jon Stewart is a beacon truth? Was he being completely truthful when
he featured in his Moment of Zen segment a video of Bush supposedly being
"snubbed" when it turned it out it was just a faux story made up by the left

Wow! What a beacon of truth he is!

Was Jon Stewart speaking truth to power when he put demon eyes
on President Bush:

What a moral authority Jon Stewart is!

Jon Stewart likes to portray Christians as being a bunch of hypocrites but you know
who I think who is BIG hypocrite? Jon Stewart. He likes to decry "partisanship"

but then says "F- You!" to Mitt Romney. He has spent the last year 8 years of
engaging in the character assassination of the whole GOP party and then he's
going to decry "partisanship." Jon thou name is hypocrite.

He's also a coward. Instead of owning up to being a partisan hack, he wusses out
by saying "Oh, I'm just a comedian and I'm on Comedy Central ":

So because he works for a low-class network, he can engage in low-class behavior
but CNN can not. I get it. Is it just me or wouldn't it be wise while lecturing
political journalists of being political hacks, you should not be a political hack?

Jon Stewart is not speaking "truth to power." He spews liberal talking points.
He likes to get on his high horse and go after someone (whoever that may be)
and when someone confronts him he NEVER takes responsibility.

Update: I just had another thought I want to add to my post. Perhaps, one of
the reasons why CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are moving more towards the
infotainment/opinion format is because of shows like The Daily Show/The
Colbert Report are popular. So while he's blasting cable news networks for becoming
more infotainment and their continuous partisan bickering he might actually
be one of the many inspiring forces behind it.
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