Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm So Oppressed As A Hispanic Female

Posted by Teresa at 3:56 PM
I've written about the topic of schools / history books emphasizing minorities

I'm going through the study guide of my brother's high school history. As I
flip through the book I notice there is so much emphasis on minorities, women
and class in the chapters. I'm Hispanic and female, I think it's important to
tell the story of how minorities groups have been oppressed thought out
American history and also the long fight for women rights. Obviously, these
stories need to be told.

However, there seems to be too much emphasis on race, gender, and class. I
think there is something lost if one solely looks at American history through
the prism of race, gender, economics. We become no longer a collective but
identified by what oppressed group we belong to. Divided by the labels. One
of the subheading of the chapter guides ask, "How were women doing during
this decade?" Why not ask "How were Americans doing during this decade?"
I want to know how women and men were doing. Does it not matter how men
(half of the population, I might add) were doing?

After watching this video I wanted to write more about it:

The youth of America are not racist, sexist, or homophobic, let's stop treating them
like they are. Emphasizing race, gender, and sexual orientation at every corner
is making schools a bastion of political correctness and hegemonic thought.

So our educational system applauds diversity and that's great. But how about
respecting diversity of thought? Are people with pro-life positions respected in our
college campuses? Are people who have traditional views of marriage respected on
college campuses? I suspect you already know the answer. So while our colleges
have become better at representing minorities and women in the classroom, they
have become worst in representing diverse opinions. I ask you: Is that progress?
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