Friday, April 10, 2009

Sullivan's Trig Trutherism

Posted by Teresa at 3:28 PM
Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan continues to spread doubt about who is
Trig Palin's mother. For an odd reason I decided to email Sullivan about
his Trig trutherism. I emailed Sullivan and wrote this:

You do realize that humans take nine months to gestate. Are you
suggesting that Sarah Palin is not human and had two children in
matter of months?
I asked him this because it ridiculous to think that Bristol is the mother
of Trig and her new son because they are not even 9 months apart. I
accidentally wrote Sarah Palin instead of Bristol. Andrew writes back
and mentions my gaffe:

u mean bristol palin? i have no idea. i would just like some medical
records to ut the whole thing to rest.
I write back:

But aren't you questioning if Sarah Palin is the mother of Trig?
He responds:

there are sufficient questions about her very bizarre pregnancy to
wonder if she is indeed trig's mother. and there must be medical
records proving it. but none are available, and the doctor won';t talk
and the media has been intimidated. maybe mercede will halp get to the
bottom of it whatever it is

I don't know who "mercede" is.

Update: I typed in mercede in Andrew Sullivan's search engine. Apparently
it's Levi sister, who he thinks might have more information, I guess.
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