Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Values

Posted by Teresa at 1:37 PM
For a while now the GOP has touted "family values" as one of their platforms.
This is why I don't think Republicans should complain about stuff like this.
The President of the United States is a person too with a wife and family. That
is why I see no problem with him taking a night off to spend with his wife. Could
it have been a less expensive date night? Yes.

Also, I really didn't complain when President Bush would take vacations
in Crawford so I want to be consistent.

If Republicans really want to show they value families, they shouldn't
be up in arms about a married couple going out in the town. Unfortunately,
we live in a country with a high divorce rate and plenty of moms and dads
are no longer together. You know what helps a marriage stay strong? Date
nights. The president has a special platform that many of us do not have:
media attention. What better way to can the president show America that
marriages matter then going out with his wife?
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