Friday, June 5, 2009

Moral Equivalency: It's Everywhere!

Posted by Teresa at 7:50 PM
Have we become such a nation of lazy thinkers that we buy these
moral equivalency arguments so readily? I now find them everywhere!
This is what I read in a fashion magazine this week:
I grew up attending a working-class Roman Catholic church in
New England. We were hard-core—everything literal, like the
jihadists. And as a would-be shoe bomber might, I accepted
church teachings as unquestionable Truth.
Has anyone ever heard of Catholic shoe bomber? I haven't. Yet, this type
of lightweight thinking makes into a magazine.

Then President Obama's speech in Cairo was full of moral equivalency:

America was founded by great thinkers. People who really thought
through their arguments and defended it with intellectual vigor. Let us
not become intellectually lazy and fight against these moral equivalent
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