Friday, June 5, 2009

Why The Left Isn't Angry With Obama On Gay Marriage

Posted by Teresa at 8:50 PM
While there have been some examples of the left being infuriated with
President Obama over his stance on gay marriage (see Andrew Sullivan
and Time magazine), for the most part criticism of him has been rather
tame. While blogger Perez Hilton was viciously attacking Miss California for
her support traditional marriage, he had very few vitriolic words for President
Obama. I've been contemplating why this is?

I've come to believe the main reason is this: They know he will appoint
judges who will more likely make gay marriage constitutional. This is why
he will get away with not verbally supporting gay marriage but still not
be called homophobic, for the most part.

I find it somewhat odd that being "homophobic" or "sexist" is no longer
about how one treats and views homosexuals or people of the opposite
sex, it is now about what legislation one supports. A person is automatically
"homophobic" for not supporting gay marriage. A person is automatically
"sexist" for not being pro-choice (even when the person is female!) But this
is an illogical way of thinking. For example, Keith Olbermann can say sexists
remarks but will never be widely labeled a sexist because he is a liberal
who is pro-choice. His liberal positions gives him cover. However, if someone
pro-life had said sexists comments like Olbermann they would probably be
ousted from television.

So while former President Bush and Miss California were considered homophobic
by the Left for supporting traditional marriage, President Obama will not
be widely be labeled with the same broad brush for holding similar positions.
Ultimately the Left is all about OUTCOMES, it really doesn't manner the means
in which things get done. That is why they consider the Constitution a "living"
document. I want the Constitution to say that abortion is a constitutional right
so I'll find a way to make it say so. President Obama will more likely to give them
the outcome they desire, therefore, no public outrage will make his way. It doesn't
matter what he verbally says. If you don't hear any whining, it is because they
know they are about to have their way.
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