Saturday, June 6, 2009

Late Night Comics No Longer Struggling To Poke Fun At Obama

Posted by Teresa at 1:23 PM
Remember how poor late night comics were struggling to find jokes about
President Obama? It looks like the dry spell is over! Well, sorta. Now they
are just making fun of the treatment Obama gets from the media. Here
are some examples:

A joke from the Tonight Show with Conan:

"Yesterday President Barack Obama met the king of Saudi Arabia,
who kissed Obama twice. Obama says he hasn't gotten that kind of
treatment since he met Keith Olbermann."

So the joke really isn't about Obama, it's about Keith Olbermann being a
hack. Reminder: Conan O'Brien and Keith Olbermann both work for NBC.
So folks in his own network think he's a hack. LOL!

Jon Stewart mocks NBC's news special on the White House:

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And then I heard this joke on NPR and this one surprisingly is a joke about

Obama's real reason for going to Egypt was to deliver a major speech to the
Muslim world. He quoted the three holy books of the world: The Qu'ran,
The Bible, and The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama.

So it looks like there are some things funny about President Obama after
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