Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are Liberals Smarter Than Conservatives?

Posted by Teresa at 3:58 PM
I often hear the line of attack from liberals that they are smarter than conservatives.
Every once in a while you will see a study that "proves" liberals are smarter than
conservatives. In their minds they must be smarter since they hold such complex
positions. For example, when John Kerry said, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion
before I voted against it," there was so much nuance! So much brilliance! They will
argue that conservatives see things in absolutes (er, except for when it comes to
advanced interrogation techniques) so they must not be intellectually savvy.

I have one question: If liberals are so much smarter why has every institution
in which they dominate been dumbed down? Let me explain. First there is the
liberal domination of journalism. Majority of journalist financially support Democrats.
I don't think anyone would argue that American journalism has become more
intellectual or substantive. In fact quite the opposite. For example, these past
few weeks of news has been dominated by a celebrity death. The news business
has become more infotainment than hard news. Not exactly a beacon of intellectual

Then there is academia. Teacher unions have a strong hold on our educational
system. Liberal bias can be seen in the curriculum especially when it comes to
higher education. Yet, American teens continue to trail other developed countries
when it comes to science and math. The academic standards in our schools are
continually lowered. Hollywood has even exalted teachers who teach Bob Dylan
instead of the literary classics:

This brings me to me the next area where liberals dominate yet the product has
been dumbed down: The Arts. Every election year celebrities en masse vocally
support the Democrat candidates and every year movies and television just keep
getting more crass and silly. In fact the same celebrities who call conservatives
like George Bush and Sarah Palin dumb are probably hoping their next toilet
humor movie is a box office hit. Television programs and movies are written at
a 6th grade level.

Right now liberals dominate politics. They currently hold the executive and legislative
branch. And guess who just became the newest Democratic Senator? Al Franken.
Having him in the Senate is deplorable. He is known for saying vile things. Our
political discourse has become dumbed down through out the years with people
just spewing simple talking points. Having Franken in the Senate just legitimizes
the dumb downed portion of our politics.

If liberals are so much smarter than conservatives why do institutions known for
being liberal keep lowering their standards? I think I have a partial answer to why
liberal institutions continue to have their standards lowered. Post modern thought
is strong in liberal circles. Part of post modern thought is the notion that we shouldn't
judge others. It's all relative. Who are we to deem entertainment news less relevant
than other news? All art is the same and good even it is toilet humor. So what if Al
Franken was a mean-spirited comedian before seeking office, who are we to judge
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