Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama: Republicans "Do What They're Told"

Posted by Teresa at 3:00 PM
View video here.

Actually, I don't agree with President Obama that Republicans are
ideologically hegemonic. For example, I can name several Republicans
that are pro-choice even though the GOP base is not. For example,
Rudy Giuliani and Laura and Barbara Bush are all pro-choice. How
many well-known Democrats are pro-life? I can only think of Harry
Reid (at least he calls himself pro-life).

The Republican Party has people who are more libertarian than
conservative. We have foreign policy hawks and doves. For example,
George Bush and Rudy Giuliani would be hawks. Ron Paul and
George Will would be doves.

There are socially conservative Republicans and some socially liberal
Republicans. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be an example of a socially
liberal Republican, he's pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. Mike Huckabee
would be an example of a social conservative, he's pro-life and against
gay marriage. It is not really hegemonic on fiscal policy either. Many
conservatives were against the bank bailouts that George Bush did.

And actually I don't think the Democrat Party is ideologically hegemonic
either, as the Blue Dogs are showing us. A national party has to cater to
different interests in regional areas. A Democrat in New York is not
going to share the exact same ideas as a Democrat in South Texas.



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