Friday, October 23, 2009

On Greed

Posted by Teresa at 7:05 PM
As a Christian I find greed repulsive. The Bible clearly speaks out
against greed. Politically liberal Christians lambaste capitalism for
awarding greed.

Example here:


Let me respond to this claim made by my liberal brethren. It is funny how
many on the Left say they want to keep state and religion
separate. Well when it comes to economic policy, they clearly don't.
Do I think there is greed in a capitalistic system? Of course. Do I think
there is greed in our health care system? Yes. The problem is that I
don't think destroying capitalism or obtaining a socialized medical
system will stop greed. We should primarily focus on people's hearts.

We can't legislate morality and we shouldn't try to. If someone is excessively
consuming something the most effective way to make them stop is to make
the moral and religious case for why they are wrong, not to coerce them.
Government is a coercive entity. For example, if people are consuming too
much energy and other resources found in our environment, taxing them until
they hardly use the products doesn't solve the greed problem (which is the
heart of the problem).

Say if we were to regulate greed through governmental means. So we got
rid greed. Is it truly effective to get rid of greed through coercion? The people
wouldn't learn exactly WHY greed is bad. They wouldn't stop being greedy
because of any moral sensibility. And by the way in socialist countries there
are still rich people who get away with some insane things.

Most problems start in the heart and soul. Government coercion doesn't
solve the underlying issue.



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