Saturday, October 24, 2009

Popularity is Fickle

Posted by Teresa at 2:48 PM
Meghan McArdle finds changing poll numbers on the issue of global warming
and President Obama mysterious. The lesson learned: Popularity is fickle.
Nothing mysterious about that! Remember when the Iraq War once had public
approval? Remember when the war in Afghanistan had public support? Not
any longer
. Remember after President Obama won in 2008 everyone was saying
it was the death conservatism? Now everyone is expecting the GOP to take
the House next year. Go figure.

We live in a society where information spreads quickly. New information
about an issue can change one's opinion. However, I would suggest that
people be careful how they process new information and polls. We have to
look at the big picture. For example, because the news out of Afghanistan gets
more dire that doesn't mean we should give up on our efforts there.

Quick opining on polls: I don't think politicians should be constant polls
watchers. People don't elect public officials to go with the poll winds.



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