Thursday, October 15, 2009

Postive Thinking Doesn't Solve All Your Problems

Posted by Teresa at 3:00 PM

I've had enough with the New Age "positive thinking" phenomenon.
The silly notion that problems can be solved because one thinks
positively is everywhere. Everyone from Oprah to Pastor Joel Osteen
evangelize about positive thinking. The logic goes like this: If you think
positively, positive things happen to you.

I'm all for people thinking positively. Life is more fulfilling when one
focuses on the good things instead of all the bad things. However,
just because you think you can be a millionaire doesn't mean you'll
have a million dollars tomorrow in your bank account. It's nonsense.

All the poor people in the world are not in their position because of
negative thinking. I would also say that poverty isn't due to a lack
effort or hard work either. There are many causes to poverty but I
don't think negative thinking is one of them. I don't think positive
thinking will heal someone from one's ailments.

I've learned throughout my life that sometimes thoughts and actions
aren't necessarily related. Sometimes positive thoughts don't lead to
positive actions. Sometimes negative thoughts don't lead to negative
actions. I can think to myself all day long that I'm some type of supermodel
but that doesn't mean Vogue is going to give a call for a photo shoot
tomorrow (or any day!).

We need to have a realistic view of the world. Sometimes things are
bad. There is war, poverty and sickness and we can't wish them away
with positive thinking.



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