Saturday, December 5, 2009

No, Adam Lambert, Objecting To Your Raunchy Performance Is NOT Homophobic

Posted by Teresa at 12:45 PM
A few weeks ago American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert, sparked
controversy with a raunchy performance at the American Music Awards.
(I know I'm late on the topic...sue me.) After his salacious performance at
the award show, 'Good Morning America' subsequently cancelled his
scheduled appearance, which provoked outcries of homophobia.
I don't think cancelling Lambert's performance was homophobic.

Lambert gave a raunchy performance from beginning to end. Raunchy is
raunchy. Both heterosexual and homosexual artists are prone to giving
indecent performances and a television program has every right to cancel
a performance if they fear it doesn't fit their standards. I'm not sure if
Lambert was scheduled to perform the very same song. Although it is the
only single out from his album so it was very likely.

And to be honest the homosexual community should be offended at
Lambert's calls of homophobia. Gay men are often stereotyped negatively
as promiscuous and Lambert's performance fits right into that
negative portrayal. So really his argument "If you don't like my raunchy
performance, you might be a homophobe," should offend the gay community.

I guess the homophobic argument can be made like this: He kissed a male
musician and if it were a heterosexual kiss, there would be no objections. I
have two counterarguments. First, the whole performance was indecent
from beginning to end. How do we know it was the kiss in particular that
made Good Morning America pull the plug? Secondly, there are plenty
of lesbian kisses on television these days with little objection.

So, no, objecting to Mr. Lambert performance is not homophobic.



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