Sunday, November 29, 2009


Posted by Teresa at 3:37 PM
If I read another catty article like this about Sarah Palin I'm gonna barf.

That’s because this goes deeper than politics. If life is like high
school, then today’s educated, ambitious women, on both sides
of the aisle, are the student-council presidents and the members
of the debate team — taught that if they work hard and sacrifice
something along the way, their smarts will be rewarded.

This makes Sarah Palin the head cheerleader. (Though, in reality,
she was the captain of the basketball team.) Pretty and popular, with
no apparent interest in studying, she’s the one who industrious
were tacitly promised would not succeed in the real world.
Whether we voted for Hillary or not, we weren’t about to let Palin breeze
in, with her sexy librarian hair and her peekaboo-toed shoes,
conforming to every winking, air-brained stereotype, and sashay to the
front of the line.

First, I find this article full of drivel and insulting. I doubt a majority of women
dislike Palin because they feel she went into the front of the line because of her
looks. I don't care about what type of shoes she wears or how she fixes her hair.
It's silly, superficial stuff. If we want women to advance in politics political foes
must stop trying to demean women politicians by commenting on their looks.
Hillary Clinton's political foes also made comments about her looks during the

I was listening to an interview with Matthew Continetti, the author of The
Persecution of Sarah Palin
, on the Dennis Prager Show a few weeks ago and
Mr. Prager asked Mr. Continetti, "If she [Palin] were homely looking would
the hatred been as great?" (an odd question by Mr. Prager to begin with) and
Continetti answered "Maybe not, actually." He continued by saying, "More
important than Palin's beauty, which to me is undeniable, are her politics."
I thought Mr. Continetti's point was correct that it is her politics not her looks
that make leftists dislike her so much. However, what threw me off was when
he inserted his little comment about her beauty being undeniable. Comments
like that don't help either. People are not going to take Palin and other women
politicians seriously with pundits constantly making little comments (even positive
ones) about their looks.



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