Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imagine An Economy.....

Posted by Teresa at 12:01 PM
The Left lives in a Utopian world. They imagine what the world
should be. Speaker Nancy Pelosi definitely lives in this Utopian
world. Here is a prime example from her remarks today at the
health care summit:
Imagine an economy where people could change jobs, start
businesses, become self-employed, pursue their artistic
, or be entrepreneurial and start new businesses
if they were not job locked because they have a child
who is bipolar or a family member who is diabetic with a
pre-existing condition. And all of the other constraints that
having health care or not having health care places on an
entrepreneurial spirit.
Bringing up "artistic aspirations" was a compelling choice of words.
Dennis Prager argues the Left thinks that art and self-expression are
more important to the Left than work:

One of the effects of the welfare state on vast numbers of
European citizens is disdain for work. This is in keeping with
Marx's view of utopia as a time when people will work very
little and devote their large amount of non-working time
writing poetry and engaging in other such lofty pursuits.
Work is not regarded by the left as ennobling. It is highly
ennobling in the American value system, however.

Also notice in her remarks that in her imaginary Utopian world people
will be self-employed. The Left has huge problems with authority.
In Pelosi's ideal world people should be their own bosses and left alone
to persue their artistic endeavors. That is not real life. People have bosses
and need accountability. For most people writing poetry or painting
is not going to pay the bills.

Beware of a Leftist who starts a sentence with "imagine."

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