Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where Will the Hawks Go?

Posted by Teresa at 8:57 AM
The Democratic Party was home to foreign policy hawks for
decades prior to the takeover of the New Left in the 1960s.
The hawks then fled to the Republican Party and are often
referred to (sometimes derogatory) neoconservatives. After
the messy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it appears like the
Right might want to move towards libertarianism. (See CPAC.)
Libertarians basically embrace a dovish foreign policy. I'm
curious how the Republican party will react to this, especially
if they lose again in 2012. Will they move to a more dovish
foreign policy? If so, where will the hawks go? Are we going to be
like most European countries whom don't have a strong military
presence? I heard Glenn Beck say yesterday on his radio show
(I was flipping through the AM channels) he wants to be
like Norway and wishes "everyone would leave us alone."
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