Monday, March 1, 2010

The Dems and Truthiness

Posted by Teresa at 11:10 AM
Remember truthiness? Well it has been four years since the word
was created and it still applies. Take for example the Obama
administration and the Democrats. The Democrats are all about
shooting from the gut. Who cares about the facts and figures
about their health care bill or how much the Democrats' health care
will cost? Who cares if the public doesn't support it! Doesn't it feel
to say you're going to insure everyone! I mean who wants
to wear a dead persons' dentures? No one!

The Dems tell us that they can preserve the quality of health care
and contain costs. Never mind that has never been done in the
history of the planet. Doesn't it feel good to say everything is going
to say the same while saying everything is going to change?

Or take global warming. If you think about global warming sure it
seems ridiculous to believe we're all going to die from melting glaciers.
But doesn't it to feel good in your gut to recycle or drive a hybrid
car. It makes you feel like your saving planet Earth, eventhough you
actually aren't. It also means that the folks in Hollywood are actually
caring people.

The queen of truthiness is Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She believes her
Congress is the most ethical one in history
. Sure there have been
scandals involving Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank but doesn't
calling your Congress the most ethical ever have a certain truthiness
to it? Pelosi also thinks she shares some the views of the Tea Party
activists. Never mind that Pelosi is a big government liberal and
the Tea Partiers are for limited government and fiscal restraint.
I'm sure there is some truthiness to the fact she shares some of
their values. The actual definition of bipartisanship is something
that gathers support by both parties
but not when look at it
with truthiness. According to Pelosi a bill doesn't need to be
supported by both sides of the aisle to be partisanship. The woman
speaks from her gut.

Truthiness still exists! And don't look that up in a book.

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