Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mitt Romney Speaks Out Against the "Temptations of Populism"

Posted by Teresa at 11:26 AM
Well said Gov. Romney:
LEXINGTON - As Mitt Romney sets out this week to promote
his new book, “No Apology,’’ he is also auditioning for a rapidly
disappearing role in American politics: a politician who is
speaking out against the “temptations of populism.’’

“The populism I’m referring to is, if you will, demonizing
certain members of society: going after businesspeople,
going after Wall Street, going after people who are highly
educated, people who are CEOs,’’ Romney said in an
interview. “That kind of ‘All of our problems are due to
that group’ is something that is unproductive.’’

The former Massachusetts governor and highly successful
businessman says his critique of populist politics applies to
both President Obama, who is battling bankers over Wall
Street rules, and Republican leaders who have courted the
“tea party’’ movement by turning their anger on corporate
leaders along with government.
This is basically a critique of Gov. Sarah Palin. She's always talking
about those Washington "elitists." To me it is a form of class warfare,
which I absolutely detest. Eventhough the Republican primary for
president is years away it looks like it maybe already shaking up.
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