Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Conservative Cable Network is a Bad Idea

Posted by Teresa at 2:41 PM
Apparently there is a new channel that is set to appear
on some on-demand cable offerings that is targeted to
people on the Right side of the political aisle. From the
Daily News article:
Actor Kelsey Grammer is one of the names behind
The RightNetwork, a new operation that is being
targeted at "Americans who are looking for
that reflects and reinforces their
perspective and

I know entertainment now caters to niche markets, especially
when it comes to cable and the internet. But to make a
difference you can't preach to the faithfuls. And when it
comes to entertainment, I think it's better not label yourself
to have a broader appeal. Fox News has a conservative bent
in it's commentary but it never labels itself "conservative."
In fact it's motto is "Fair and Balanced." By not labeling
itself "conservative" it doesn't isolate people from other
political ideologies.

The Right Network is going to attempt to put a spotlight
on conservative comedians. We all know that stand-up
comedy leans to the Left. Funny how no comedian can
come up with jokes about President Obama, isn't it?

Conservatives shouldn't feel the need to answer all the
left-wing comedy. The late night television comics don't
advertise that they're liberal, they just are. Conservative
comics should do the same. Just be funny. Remember
the last time a comedy show tried to label itself

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