Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Should Be Conservatives Top Priority?

Posted by Teresa at 10:18 AM
I think it's important on a personal level to evaluate our
priorities in life. What matters most? Life is always harder
when one's priorities are out of whack. I want to apply
this notion to the conservative movement and ask:
What should be conservatives top priority?

There three pillars to the conservative movement:
social conservatism, fiscal conservatism and foreign
policy hawks. Of course, not everyone in the conservative
movement falls into all three categories. Which of these
should be the dominate conservative message in the
next few years?

Right now it seems that fiscal conservatism is winning.
There's hardly any talk about social issues or foreign
policy coming out conservatives' mouths. Short term
this might be the right message. Spending has gotten
out of control. But what about the long term?

I believe the social issues get at the heart of who
and what America is. I know the social issues (for example
abortion) are very divisive issues. If the social fabric of our
country is fundamentally changed to where we are
unrecognizable the other areas suffer as well. What's
the use of economic prosperity if America families are
falling apart? How do you fight a war overseas without
moral and social clarity? You can't.
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