Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Real" Women

Posted by Teresa at 11:49 AM
From an article on Esquire:
The days of stick thin models and celebrities are
running slim. In the wake of the CFDA’s desire to
resize the sample size in the modeling industry, it
seems that fuller figured women are growing in
popularity. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Crystal
have recently gone nude for Harper’s Bazaar
and French Vogue, respectively, in an undeniable
celebration of real women -– a.k.a. women who
come in different shapes and sizes.
Huh? Kim Kardashian represents a celebration of real women?
Uh no.

A comment over at the Lane Bryant blog covering the
recent controversy over one of their revealing ads:
Once again “mainstream” is trying to keep people from
seeing the REAL America, the big, the beautiful and the
BODacious. But don’t worry we will soon be seeing the
commercial somewhere else.
A Lane Bryant model represents "Real" America? Hardly.

Am I glad that the modeling industry and Hollywood are
getting away from the super-thin models and actresses? Yes,
I am. It seems the recent decades were full of super skinny
models like Kate Moss and hip-less actresses like Gwyneth
Paltrow and Cameron Diaz. It's good that Hollywood and
the modeling business are embracing women with curves.
But let's get real they don't represent "real women" or the
"Real America." Fashion magazines and lingerie commercials
are still selling a shallow and superficial notion of beauty.
The only thing that has changed is that their models and
actresses aren't a size 2 any longer.

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