Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Issues with Talk Radio

Posted by Teresa at 3:16 PM
I love conservative media. I read conservative blogs and
I often visit the websites of National Review and Weekly
Standard. I watch Fox News. But I must confess conservative
talk radio is sometimes grating to listen to. I do think there
are some excellent shows on air but the bad outweighs
the good.

Talk show radio hosts are often mean-spirited. For example,
Rush Limbaigh, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham. Or they
sound paranoid. For example, Glenn Beck and Michael

Another issue I have with talk radio is that it's often
repetitive. If you listen to a full day's worth of talk radio
I'm sure you would hear the same themes. There truly
is a lack of originality.

Talk radio is such a wonderful medium to engage in
discussions, especially about politics. But so much of
what I hear on the radio dial is not discussion but
radio personalities that are so full of themselves. We
can do better.
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