Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where to Stand

Posted by Teresa at 7:21 PM
Forever scares me but what scares me more
is the thought of a forever without You, Jesus.
Without You I just can't breathe.
You pick me up when I'm in pieces.
Sin is my disease.

I apologize for making a mess of the life You gave.
I was just so ungrateful.
I have to remember only You save.
You've always been so faithful.

Give meaning to this meaningless life.
Rehydrate me in this barren land.
Hold my hand while I face strife.
Show me where to stand.

Everything in me screams empty vessel waiting
to be filled by Your glory.
I'm letting go of the world and focusing on You.
Every life is a book, tell me my story.
Change me and make new.
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