Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hot Sins!!!

Posted by Teresa at 2:37 PM
Caryn of is not a fan of BYU’s honor
code that recently got a basketball player suspended
because he engaged in pre-marital sex. She calls it
“sin-sniffing.” She goes on to ask, “Do these sorts of
codes that focus on a few ‘hot’ sins really have any
place in our grace-based faith?” Yes, I believe they do.

First, let me state that I believe that BYU as a Mormon
private school should be able to have a code that reflects
their religious beliefs. Now back to Caryn’s non-sequitur.
I always find the argument that we shouldn’t call out
one sin because there are other sins odd. Yes, we are
ALL sinners. Yes, we all have grace available to us.
However, are we not supposed to highlight any sin because
we are imperfect beings? I guess in Caryn’s world the
United States can never, ever take out a dictator because
there are so many other dictators!!! So just let the
oppressed people of one country go on suffering because
our military can’t free all oppressed people in the world.
Heck, maybe we should never engage in war since no
one is perfect and sinless.

I guess the Think Christian blogger doesn’t like the fact
that pre-marital sex gets uneven focus in the Christian
community. Fair enough. It does get uneven focus. Perhaps
the reason why pre-marital sex gets such an uneven focus
is because the vast majority of single adults are having
pre-marital sex. The only reason this story got any news
media attention is because the honor code is so contrary
to our current American mores and customs.
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