Thursday, March 17, 2011

Waxing Poetic

Posted by Teresa at 4:27 PM
Ever notice how whenever one version of conservatism
dominates the Left sings the praises of the type of
conservatism that is out of power?

When social conservatism is front and center, they praise
fiscal conservatives/libertarians. Why can’t conservatives
all be pro-abortion and for marijuana legalization like
those libertarians!!!

When fiscal conservatism is on full display, liberals long
for the days for those big spending social cons that tend
to favor spending money on social programs. Man, where
are those religious conservatives?

Point blank: The Left just doesn’t like any type of
conservatism in power. So do not get fooled when
they are waxing poetic about any type of conservatism.
It is only to demean the current batch of conservatives.
Social conservatism and the foreign policy hawks were
the evil ones when Bush was in power. Fiscal conservatism
and Speaker John Boehner are now the evil ones.
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