Monday, April 11, 2011

Where are the Christian thinkers?

Posted by Teresa at 5:54 PM
Where are the Christian thinkers of today? Where are the
C.S. Lewis’ and Dietrich Bonheoffer’s of our day? I see few.

I believe God wants us to connect Him in every way, even
intellectually. Imagine having a relationship with someone
you can’t have a deep, intellectual conversation with? I see
it as a huge deficiency in current Christianity that we have
few modern day Christian thinkers.

I see plenty of well-known Christian authors, pastors who
are great at encouraging and energizing people. We need
encouraging and energizing people in the Church. I have
no issue with this.

I’m not asking for intellectuals to dominate Christianity. I
just want a balanced Church, one that focuses on the soul,
body and mind.

We live in a country where 11.5 million of young adults are
currently enrolled in college. And guess what they are getting
asked tough, thought-provoking questions in their classes.
They are getting loaded up with information. Is the Church
feeding the intellect?

Another trend that is currently happening is the rise of
atheism. About 15 percent of the American population
now reports to have no religious beliefs. However wrong
I think atheists are, they make intellectual arguments. We
can’t counter intellectual arguments with emotions or
encouraging words. It won’t work. A Christian can be as
nice, friendly, encouraging to someone who has made the
intellectual decision not to follow God and it won’t matter
one bit.
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