Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama is Ultra-Liberal, But Not When It Comes to Race

Posted by Teresa at 4:32 PM
I think President Obama is a liberal through and through.
However, I don't think he is very liberal when it comes
to the issue of race. He has an American mainstream view
of race, which is not liberal. In fact, if he had a liberal
view a race he would have never been elected. The liberal
view is that America is a racist country and I don't think
Obama believes that for one second.

I guess one can argue that Obama gives us a polished up
version on his beliefs while campaigning. But I can only go
on what I hear him say. And what he says is good.

I don't agree with Obama on much but when he touches
on the topic of race, he pretty much hits the mark.

Exit question: Since I disagree with Obama on practically
everything except racial issues, am I still a conservative

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