Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dirrty Girl Gets Offended at Dirty Word

Posted by Teresa at 12:55 PM
It absolutely riles me when cultural leftists show their hypocrisy.
Last night on NBC's Voice Christina Aguilera was offended that
one of the contestants sang Jay Z's "99 Problems." The song has
the b-word. You heard me right.  Ms. Christina "Dirrrty" Aguilera
was offended by a Jay Z song.

I have seen and read several of Ms. Aguilera's interviews throughout
the years. She considers herself a feminist so I'm assuming that's
the perspective she's coming from. This is where her type of
feminism doesn't make ANY sense to me.  She obviously has no
problem with women demeaning themselves by making themselves
sex objects by dancing around wearing very little. She's done it
several times! However, how dare a guy sing a song that has
the b-word in it!

Frankly, I find her encouraging other women to live such an immodest
lifestyle just as offensive Jay Z's song. Let me give you a clue,
Ms. Aguilera: Men using the "b-word" isn't what is oppressing women.
Single mothers today are much more likely to live in poverty not
because men are going around using the b-word. They are living
in poverty because they've bought into the lifestyle YOU sale.
The lifestyle that says go around showing off your booty and sleep
with whoever you want. Now that's truly dirrrrty.
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