Monday, July 16, 2012

Quick Fixes

Posted by Teresa at 11:28 AM
I'm tired of hearing politicians talk like they can fix the economy
or saying they "created" jobs. Government doesn't have control
over the economy. Government doesn't create jobs.

Sorry Republicans but President Obama is not the reason why
our economy is in the toilet. Sorry Democrats it's not all Bush's
fault. We have a free market economy. That means sometimes
it's soaring and sometimes it sinks. We shouldn't be looking
to Washington for help. We shouldn't be looking to a president
to fix it. That's not their job. We should blame Washington
for all the debt our government is  accruing. But for high
unemployment? No.

I find it especially troubling to hear this language from conservatives
and Republicans. We are suppose to love the free market!
If you are blaming Obama for the economy implicit in that charge
is the assumption he should do more. I don't want him to do more!
I want to let the free market do what it does. What do you want
Obama to do to "create" jobs? Take over our economy and give
everyone a government job? Um, I believe that's Communism.

I know what conservatives will say: We are not saying government
has control of the economy but that government can set the
tax and regulatory environment. Ok, but that's not what it
sounds like to me. When I hear Romney promising he's going
to fix the economy and get Americans working again, it annoys
me. That's not the job of the president of the United States. Or 
at least it shouldn't be. I've read the U.S. Constitution several
times and no where does it say that federal government has
the responsibility to fix unemployment.

I think the federal government has two major responsibilities: 
providing for national defense (and tax us so we have national
military) and securing our liberty.  Anything else is superfluous. 

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