Sunday, November 18, 2012

Staying Chaste

Posted by Teresa at 10:41 AM
We live in a society where sex is not a big deal. Everyone does it! In fact, we
just re-elected a president that promised college women free birth control 
because it's a right or something. Well, it is in this environment that I'm not
afraid to say I'm a virgin and plan to stay so until married.

Many people may say the thought of not having pre-marital sex is quaint
and outdated. But in a country where divorce and STD's are rampant, 
quaint and outdated sounds perfectly fine with me. 

Others will argue that sex is part of human nature. Actually, I agree with
them. I, too, believe that sex is part of our human nature. However, I 
believe the Christian life is about disciplining yourself in order to get closer
to God. Reading the Bible on a regular basis is about discipline. Fasting 
is about discipline. It takes incredible discipline not to give into your desires.
God wants us to remain focus on Him and sex is one of those things that
can take our focus off Him. 

I made a commitment to God that I would wait till marriage to have
sex and I'm sticking by it. And I must confess my dating pool diminishes
because I've made this decision. But I've noticed it also weeds out the
jerks and unnecessary hurt. 

I would also like to say that I no longer romanticize waiting. It is what it
is. I think the union between a man and woman is sacred. But I no longer 
have the fairy tale image of waiting for Prince Charming. Now it's more
like having a vision from God of starting a family and completing God's
will together, as a union.

I don't want others who haven't made the same choice as I have to feel
judged. There is forgiveness and mercy. 
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