Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Overflow

Posted by Teresa at 3:16 PM
It seems I can't avoid it. At church my pastor is going through
a series on happiness based on Ecclesiastes, which is about finding
fulfillment in God and not the things of this world. Last Saturday
I go to see the movie The Great Gatsby. A movie about about
a rich man who has tries to find fulfillment in a relationship which
in the end turns out futile and meaningless, as the writer of Ecclesiastes
would say. Three days ago a friend sends me a devotion based
Ecclesiastes. The devotion ends with this: You will never find fulfillment
in life without God. Then today I go to the book store to take 
a look through some devotions. As I scan two books I happen
to stop at where it talks about discontentment. I can't avoid it
any longer.  It is clear to me that God wants me content and 
fulfilled through Him only.

I will be honest I have spend so much of my life being discontent and
unfulfilled. Always telling myself  "I will be happy when (fill in the blank)."
I will be happy when I finish school. I will be happy when I get a good
job. I will be happy when family issues go away. I will be happy when
not single. 

Now that I look back at all my discontentment I can't help but
think, "Wow. What a waste." All the moments and people I
wasn't fully soaking in because I was just waiting for circumstances
to be perfect. Honestly, I feel robbed of time and energy. But
no one robbed it from me....I robbed those moments from myself.
It also occurs to me that I have lived a pretty good life so far.
There was nothing to be discontent about! 

Life is never going to be perfect. People are not perfect. I am
always going to be a flawed being. So I am can't wait for 
happiness. I have to be happy TODAY no matter the 
circumstances. I have Christ to fulfill me. He makes my cup
my overflow. 
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