Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miley Cyrus and Secret Freaks

Posted by Teresa at 2:06 PM

Anyone who has been following entertainment and music lately
knows that Miley Cyrus is a freak. A drug using, twerking freak.
She's open about her drug use and sex. Her Hannah Montana days
are in the past.

I watched an interview with her today with a British host.  While I
don't agree with her glamorizing drug use and sexual promiscuity,
I must confess her honesty about her current lifestyle is appealing.
That's the thing about sin it has it's appeal. She kept talking about
being authentic and dropping the good girl image. She said in the
interview, "You can tell who is real. People who are too nice and
too proper, you know they are secretly a psycho."

When she said this it made me think of the image people have of 
Christians. How often are Christians called hypocrites? I think
when they call us hypocrites, what they are really saying is that
we aren't honest about our own sin. We are secretly freaks. 
We put on a facade of being nice and proper, as Ms. Cyrus
put it, but we do messed up things like everyone else. 

One thing Miley Cyrus knows about is fake images. She had to
maintain a facade for years to keep her contract with Disney.
She needed a wholesome image to continue to work with Disney.
But why do Christians put up a facade?

While I don't think Christians should ever condone sin, I think
we need to be honest about our own sin. The world needs 
authenticity, not a wholesome facade. Authenticity is appealing.
And I want my faith to be appealing to others.

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