Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who are the Control Freaks in the Abortion Debate?

Posted by Teresa at 5:31 PM
"In that moment, feminism came to one of its logical if less-than-inspiring
moments of fruition: I chose to sidestep biology; I acted - and was free
to act - as if I were in control of my destiny, the way men more often
than women have let themselves act," wrote abortion rights supporter
Naomi Wolf in a popular 1995 essay on abortion titled "Our Bodies, Our Souls."

Forty-one years ago abortion became legal in the United States via the
Supreme Court's decision in Roe vs. Wade. The anniversary had me
thinking about how much of the abortion debate surrounds control.
Pro-choicers often argue that pro-lifers want to "control" women's bodies
by making abortion illegal. I also thought about how much my relationship
with God has to do with control.

Having a relationship with God means recognizing I have a divine entity that
is bigger than you and me and He is ultimately in control of the universe.
But as our society becomes less religious we have become more controlling.
We believe we can control our circumstances but we can't.  Though out my
life I've attempted to gain control over situations and certain circumstances
and each time I am humbled by God when I realize it is out of my hands.

This brings me back to the abortion debate. Obviously, someone must be
in a really tough situation to even consider abortion. I am no way denying
that. I don't have the money to raise a child. Or I won't be able to go to
college and have a successful career if I have a child at a young age.
It's about having control of when parenthood happens. But life is messy
sometimes. Rarely do things come wrapped in a pretty bow. The
reproduction process that creates human life doesn't stop because it
is not the most opportune time to have a child. (I'm sure any parent can
tell you there is NEVER an opportune time to have a child.)

So it brings me to this question: Who truly wants "control" in the abortion
debate? The pro-choicer who sees abortion as a way to give women control
over their lives or the pro-lifer who believes that God is the maker of life and
we do not get to decide when life is expendable or not?
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