Sunday, March 13, 2016

When Did Chaos & Destruction Become "Conservative"?

Posted by Teresa at 6:47 PM
So many things about the 2016 election have been so frustrating.
The rise is of Donald J. Trump being the main one.  It's been
disheartening to hear some conservative-leaning people supporting
Trump, whom has no deep-rooted principles whether conservative
or not. There is another group of conservatives that have caused me
to become nauseated. It's the group of conservatives that aren't directly
aligning themselves with Trump but seem giddy about the destruction
of the "establishment." Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh
seems to fall into this category. Here is Michelle Malkin gleeful about
the "establishment's" downfall:

Notice how Malkin says the state of the conservative movement is sound.
How can she say that? The party that has welcomed conservatives for
decades is about the nominate its most progressive candidate since
Nixon. (That turned out well.)

I can understand being excited about the tired status quo being
upended. However, something in my gut tells me there's something
very un-conservative about this "DOWN WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT"
sentiment. One argument that has always made conservatism appealing
to me is this: Liberals want to destroy our institutions without fully
understanding what they are replacing it with. It's true. The liberal's
Sexual Revolution totally destroyed our social mores when it comes
to sex but what came next was absolutely devastating the American

So you want the GOP establishment to die? Alright, sounds fun. My
next question has to be: Well, what do you want to replace it with?
Donald Trump. No, thank you.  I don't understand how any conservative
can be excited about a Trump presidency. Watching things burn might be
fun to watch but the aftermath is not worth the cost. My country
is too important.
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