Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Politically Homeless

Posted by Teresa at 2:50 PM
I currently have no political home. I can't support Donald Trump. Don't
trust him and he is lacking in character. He is so erratic I honestly can't
determine where he stands politically.  I can't support Hillary Clinton.
I don't believe I agree with her on a single policy issue. I can't support
Gary Johnson because he's pro-choice. I am pro-life and can't budge
on that issue. Frankly, I think social issues are way more crucial than
economic issues at this current moment. Libertarians are just way
too socially liberal for me. Libertarians don't seem to grasp how
social liberalism cannot exist with economic conservatism. Social
ills are costly. Just ask our European friends who have tried it!

It is disappointing this may be the first election I sit out in 10 years.
It is disappointing that no major candidate aligns with my beliefs and
principles. Hopefully, I will soon find a political home.

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