Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Modest Proposal

Posted by Teresa at 1:31 PM
I read an article by a feminist Jessica Valenti
about chastity becoming 'chic.'
She has some issues with the chastity movement
because she sees it as 'retrograde' and perpetuates old
female roles.
And of course she quotes a
sexist Harvard
professor (which I find highly ironic)
to make her point.

I think a woman's decision to live this

lifestyle does not necessarily have to hold the
1950s values that said women are to be housewives
and have no say in their own decisions.
I also believe women using their sexuality to
gain 'power,' as it is often shown in the media,
does nothing for advancing female causes either.

The article also pointed a website that encourages
modesty in young women, which I found interesting.



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