Thursday, May 24, 2007

Places I'd like to visit

Posted by Teresa at 12:17 PM

Summer vacation time is upon us.
It got me thinking about the places
I want to visit. Here is my list of places:

1. All of Western and Mediterranean Europe
2. Australia
3. Morocco
4. Japan- I see pictures of Tokyo and it would
be interesting to be surrounded by so many
people with much of the technologies we have
in the U.S. (
or even more advanced).
5. Costa Rica
6. Fiji
7. Nepal
8. Hawaii
9. Alaska
10. South Africa
11. Egypt
12. Cancun, Mexico - But I wouldn't go during
Spring break.

The only far away place I've been to is Israel.
There are also several places in the U.S. besides
the ones mentioned in my list that I would love to see.
So if you've been to any of the places I've listed tell
me about your experience. Or tell me what places I
should put on my list.


Jason on 6:04 PM, May 24, 2007 said...

I spent a month in Nepal. Went to Kathmandu and Mt. Everest.

Actually, I think I'll blog about this later tonight. I need something to write about.


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