Thursday, August 2, 2007

Avril Lavigne is so socially consciousness

Posted by Teresa at 9:29 PM

Why do the singers always have to make that one
video that is somewhat 'socially consciousness'?
Avril Lavigne's new video has a soldier going to
war. Are we suppose to forgive you for all your
past transgressions (bad music videos) because
you made one semi-meaningful song. I guess I
can forgive Lavigne since she's young and has
many more years to tick me off.

Madonna on the other hand has been doing horrible
music and videos for decades. Her next song can be
about orphans, poverty, and saving dolphins and I
still wouldn't like her.


Clint said...

lol! i agree wholeheartedly, it's true, what does that whore madonna know about Africa to preach about it?


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