Friday, August 3, 2007

The Father of Intelligent Design Speaks

Posted by Teresa at 11:08 AM

Michael Behe talks to Stephen Colbert.
What do you think of Intelligent Design?


Tom said...

Intelligent design is a fancy way of saying creationism. The problem is, if you say the wonderful things on earth MUST have a creator (because they are so perfect), then "God" must also be created (being the most perfect of all). This repeats ad nauseam. Also, this God can not be omnipotent and omniscient, as this is impossible. It would suggest knowing everything (including the future) which would mean you couldn't change it, or God's predicition would be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Isn't "Intelligent Design" actually what Deists believe? It's what several Founding Fathers believed as well, like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

Deists, like Franklin and Jefferson, believed in a Creator of the universe -- a mechanistic originator -- who doesn't interfere with Man or the planet. That's why we have free will and why the planet does what it does after its creation. And how/what Man does with his life and environment is his choice.

Tom, since you're a fallible being, how do you know "God can not (sic) be omnipotent and omniscient"?


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