Thursday, August 30, 2007

Headlines 08/30/2007

Posted by Teresa at 9:26 PM
Texas governor spares getaway driver (AP)- "Gov. Rick Perry, longtime
head of the nation's busiest death penalty state, spared an inmate
Thursday hours before he was to have been executed for being a
killer's getaway driver."
Boston: The bloggiest city- 'Dem New Englanders and their fancy internet
connections and colleges. And is blogging the best thing to happen to
Philadelphia since the song 'Motownphilly' (just thought I would insert random
You're a big kid now- Very interesting interview. I agree with her assessment.
I'm one of those adults who is still trying to 'find themselves,' I just need to
grow up already! I'm getting there:)
Web video aims to be like TV- I've always thought those Youtubers and
video bloggers just wanted a way to get their faces on television. So they've
decided, "Hey, let's just make the internet like television instead." Hence, the
word 'broadcast' on Youtube's slogan.


Christopher on 10:14 AM, August 31, 2007 said...

I support the death penalty but Gov. Perry made the right decision. A getaway driver should not get the same punishment as the murder.


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