Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Please don't send me your propaganda via Myspace

Posted by Teresa at 8:38 PM

Ok, I just checked my MySpace account and
I was excited to see I had a new message. Then,
I opened it up and it was this piece of lovely propaganda.
Some Marnia girl sent it. I should have known better
than to open up a message from someone I don't know.
Anyways, to all the crazies on MySpace get a life.

I know you think your cool and such an anti-establishment rebel
but how anti-establishment can you be when you own a
computer (which many in the world don't have), high speed
internet access (which is needed to view MySpace because its
always slow because of all the spammers like you who traffic it),
and obviously the mass produced software PhotoShop (oh
and I am so sure you're so smart because you figured out
how to use it)? Take your propagandist material somewhere
else, please. At least I'm asking peacefully.



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