Thursday, February 14, 2008

Primary-Caucus State

Posted by Teresa at 7:16 PM
A few hours ago I received a robocall from the Obama campaign asking for
support in local caucuses. I thought it was a mistake. Apparently, I was wrong
Texas has a primary-caucus system, according to this article. The Waco
Tribune-Herald piece explains how it's set up:
Of the state's 228 Democratic presidential delegates, 126 will be
awarded based on voting in the March 4 primary. But most of the
remaining 102 are allocated in a caucus system leading up to the
state convention in June, making Texas the only state with a twin
primary-caucus system.

Those delegates are allotted by a candidate's performance in each
of the state's 31 state senate districts. Each district gets delegates
based on Democratic turnout in past elections.
As we know Sen. Obama has been doing very well in caucus systems in other
states. However, I don't know how many will want to caucus for hours if they
can just vote in the primary at their convenience. This election has been so

I also wanted to show my readers the campaign literature the Obama
campaign has been passing out here in Texas. Here's the front:

Here's half of the inside:

Oh, also the date and place has been set for the Texas Democratic Presidential
debate. Bring your cowboy boots, ya'll!



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