Saturday, February 16, 2008

There's Gotta Be A Better Way

Posted by Teresa at 3:53 PM
This article written by Sean Wilentz and Julian E. Zelizer sums up precisely
the problems with the primary system in which we choose our presidential
candidates. Here's the best line of the article:
Why the decline? Blame the bloated role of celebrity reporters and
overpaid, often highly biased pundits, which the primary reforms
unwittingly helped feed. The power shift away from the parties and
toward the media has encouraged candidates to engage in "gotcha"
politics, often about relatively trivial matters.
I must say the CNN debate have been particular bad. During the Republican
Youtube/CNN debate the candidates received a lot of gotcha questions about
abortion and religion. Then there was the Democratic debate where Obama
and Clinton bickered about working for a "slum lord" and being on the chair
of Wal-Mart.



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