Saturday, August 30, 2008

Identity Politics

Posted by Teresa at 2:14 PM

The following is my response to this post:

I think basing decisions (like voting) on emotions are dangerous. And identity
politics appeals to exactly that, emotions. However, it's hard not to fall for it.
I know I was excited yesterday when Gov. Sarah Palin was announced as the
VP candidate. The night before Sen. Obama's acceptance speech of the
Democratic nomination for president stirred me

Looking throughout history it's not hard to see that mixing emotions and politics
is a bad mixture. Recent history shows us that partisan bickering is based on emotions.
The guys (or women) on the other side of the aisle are evil and can't be trusted,
therefore, vote for us. And sadly partisan bickering works. Our recent presidential
elections (especially 2000 and 2004) have been divisive and ugly. Has that type
politics gotten America anywhere? No. One might argue: But identity politics
brings about good emotions and inspires! Yeah but you don't make important
decisions because they warm your heart.

We have serious decisions to make as a country. We need critical thinking to solve
the problems. We need practicality and rationality. Our country doesn't need to
be inspired, we just need feet moving to get things done.
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